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Hybrid working.

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated that new ways of working are not only possible but productive, efficient and desired if implemented correctly. From organisational design development to ensuring that your people have the skills and understanding to make the most of the technology available to them we have the experience to make it work for you.

Emerald has a tried and tested framework to help large, medium and small organisations implement Hybrid Working.

We do this in way that successfully manages workforces that require greater flexibility when choosing where to work. 

The Emerald Hybrid Working Framework has been implemented in some of the most challenging working environments in the UK with demonstrable benefits that align with Public Sector best practice (PAS 3000). Our approach blends subject matter experts with relatable experience alongside delivery consultants to deliver with agility and pace.

Our framework is always tailored to the climate of your business area and the culture of your people. We know how difficult it can be to implement the vision and strategy of senior leadership and have developed a robust model of delivery that minimises risks and maximises the benefits. 

Our agile framework approach to Hybrid Working implementation looks at the providing short, medium and long term solutions and our experts are skilled at: