Our Approach


Strong, sustainable and strategic processes.

Emerald change leaders do more than just model, design, and deploy solutions that improve operational performance. We analyse and validate your processes, deconstruct them end to end, visualise optimal business processes, then plan and deliver holistic solutions that drive sustained efficiency across your organisation.

Our approach is simple. We collaborate to discover where you want to be not where you are now. We bring clarity to objectives and then provide the right guidance to overcome challenges. As your partner, we want to understand your unique needs and objectives, outline an optimal future state, and then develop a bespoke solution that will get you there.

Case Study.

Public Sector Process Redesign

We worked on the largest public sector cloud solution in UK. Our client needed to deliver multiple new processes for highly complex and technical change challenges that affected more than 43,000 customers working across the department.

We built relationships with dozens of key stakeholders, partners and communities of interest to gain their trust and buy in on the change design journey. Mapping complex operational, technical and digital as-is architecture, pain points  and future  target operating model structures enabled senior decision making on objectives. We created a multi phased delivery roadmap to visualise all work over the programme life to enable effective resource planning. Central to the success of the programme was the development of a clear, consistent model for departmental wide change governance and a structured and compelling communications strategy to help join up all the activity.

The outcome was a series of high impact process redesigns that restructured how the client and its multiple subdivisions carried out its day to day operations.  We delivered a refreshed programme of change at pace that was financially solvent and provided transparent solutions to a customer base who collectively now understood and agreed their long term change journey.

We did this by: