Our Approach


Successful business change starts with your people.

We know that the hardest part of any transformation change programme is the people element. An engaged workforce is much more likely to adapt to and embrace change, so we spend a lot of time listening to what leaders and their teams need to feel supported and positively engage with the change.

We’ll also look at your strategy and make sure your change story resonates with your people. We’ll map and identify the behaviours and capabilities required to deliver your organization’s vision. We identify gaps, opportunities for learning and recommend new ways of working that are tailored to your people and culture.

Case Study.

Bringing leadership teams together

We worked with a CTO and her newly formed leadership team to deliver a strategic engagement programme. As a directorate that had been through a lot of change in a very short space of time, there was no clarity on the strategic vision of the Leaders or the capabilities needed to deliver that vision. Teams were wary and tired of change.

We spent time mapping as-is and target organisational structures to inform decision making around operational resilience. Through extensive stakeholder engagement we created a delivery roadmap to visualise all work over the coming fiscal year, highlighting dependencies between teams and joining all activity into one cohesive narrative. In parallel, we delivered workshops for the leadership and management teams covering both soft and hard skills such as prioritisation, empowerment, open communication and branding and we delivered all-staff events to inspire, excite and promote new ways of working across all teams. Finally, we designed L&D strategy for the management team to baseline their training, including modules to develop future leaders, helping to keep key skills within the organisation.

The outcome of our programme was a leadership team with a shared vision, who agreed what the key priorities for the next 12 months would be, clear visibility of the challenges and opportunities that they would need to address together and an operating structure to support their long term plans. We made sure everyone in the organisation understood the strategy and their role in delivering the CTO’s vision.

We did this by: