we are a force for change

Business change specialists with a difference

We build change for the future, not just for now.

We are business change specialists.

We build change for the future and not just for the moment. Our approach to any transformational change challenge is collaborative and we design bespoke solutions that are long lasting and reflective of your needs, people and culture.

A shared vision for transformational change with a difference.

We’re Emerald. We came together because of a shared belief that driving meaningful change starts with building authentic relationships with our clients to really get under the skin of the uniqueness and complexity of their challenges. We have decades of experience  providing business change solutions across Central Government, the private sector and Law Enforcement.

Why are we different?

Most change management doesn’t place enough importance on the human element of change. We do. Our diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise allow us to influence change through a range of perspectives. We don’t speak in consultancy jargon, or do death by PowerPoint. We know that change that sticks is about making the complex simple, so we build solutions around the core needs of our customers so that change isn’t done to them, it is done with them.

Our Approach.

We approach your transformational change journey through three core lenses:

People, Process and Culture.

Our business change architects offer unique consultancy expertise, knowledge and insight across the private and public sectors, with clients from Law Enforcement, Justice and Security, Education, Central Government, and private sector suppliers to Government. We understand current market demands and can draw on a pool of multiskilled change expert resources at pace. 

Our approach is simple. We collaborate to discover where you want to be not where you are now. We bring clarity to objectives and then provide the right guidance to overcome challenges. As your partner, we want to understand your unique needs and objectives, outline an optimal future state, and then develop a bespoke solution that will get you there.


People are at the heart of what we do. Our user-centred approach means we design every step of your business change journey around your People and deliver change that lasts by making sure it is understandable and relatable by working together with your own teams to deliver outcomes that have real impact.


We know how crucial it is for your business Processes to be effective. We don’t fix problems in a bubble – we look at the whole picture to map out what’s working and what isn’t and we work with you to join the right people and processes up.


We strive to understand your Culture. We know that everyone’s needs are different and adapt our approach to you. We build solutions that reflect not just programme outcomes but your unique organisational Culture to encourage adoption in ways that will resonate with your people.


Business Transformation

We can help your organisation evolve and adapt to change effectively and sustainably.

Hybrid Working

We have a tried and tested framework to help large, medium and small organisations implement Hybrid Working.

Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice

We have a deep understanding of Law Enforcement-related issues at senior leadership level, within policing and across Criminal Justice partnerships

Meet Our Team.

Dylan Morrisroe

Founding Partner.

Dylan has worked across the public and private sector, leading and delivering end-to-end transformation for many clients and gets a real buzz helping organisations facing the challenge of adopting new technologies, new ways of working and high impact business change.

Dylan’s skill is his collaborative approach, both within the group and with clients. He focuses on designing organisational and operational processes in ways that support the customer experience. He also has extensive experience in building teams that deliver the best outcomes, value and benefits for clients.

“At Emerald we always look to understand not just the short-term requirement but also the long-term impact. We come back to this time and time again and adapt to our clients’ various drivers for change. Things have evolved a lot in our world and our clients don’t want overcomplicated ‘strategizing’ and’ solutionizing’. They don’t want to ‘leverage their assets’. They want real solutions that have been designed to work for their people. We recognise this and  make sure they understand the journey they need to go on and what’s involved – the good, the bad and the downright challenging, so that what we deliver is co-created and sustainable. It’s the only way to make sure the change sticks.”

When he isn’t working Dylan is a keen Rugby supporter and enjoys exploring the countryside with his family. 

Tara Jones

Founding Partner.

Tara cut her consultancy teeth overseeing the delivery of large-scale projects across different time zones and languages. It’s where she learnt to love the process of really getting to know her clients and their challenges. With a solid agile delivery manager background and a natural problem solver, she brings a cool head and a strategic approach to framework design, process mapping and culture change for our clients.

Tara is happiest when she’s helping leadership teams bring their vision to life and designing end-to-end training programmes to support the adoption of new ways of working. 

“For me, really listening to our clients and building rapport are the most important first steps for any change programme. Without trust you’re very limited in what you can deliver, so it’s about leaving off the shelf solutions at the door and tuning into what clients say will help them, and understanding why so that you can challenge in a way that will be useful. Often it’s also about listening to what they don’t say and observing how team dynamics and org structures and culture are playing a role in preventing change from landing. Then working together to make sure the right structures and capabilities are there to support the long term change the client wants.”

Away from work, Tara fosters and rehomes dogs and loves photography. She also enjoys travelling round the country with her family in a 1964 split screen camper van.

Brian McCluskey

Management Consultant.

Brian is at his best when leading large teams through complex situations. Skilled in senior stakeholder management, Brian’s experiences and passion see him build rapport with ease.

“For me it is always about the people and the impact of change on those affected, this is at the heart of our culture at Emerald. My motto is ‘Be part of the solution.'”
Brian had an amazing Policing career spanning over 31 years. As one of London’s most senior Detectives he led national units targeting organised criminal networks, chaired criminal justice boards and proudly made British legal history on two occasions. 
The final decade of Brian’s law enforcement career saw him work within Transformation and Business Change at the Met in a variety of design, target operating model and strategic business change roles.
Life balance is sacrosanct to Brian, after having time with his family you can regularly find him Ironman training in the Thames or biking and running in the Surrey hills.

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